The Crest coaching process consists of an initial face-to-face meeting, objective information gathering, a coaching prescription or plan, and coaching procedures. The process involves four different areas for consideration:
1. Initial Face-to-Face Meeting
  • To determine if coaching is appropriate for the individual
  • If coaching is appropriate, to determine who the coach should be
  • To plan for the Information Gathering stage
2. Objective Information Gathering – Determining the Method(s)
  • 360 Degree Assessment – Emotional Intelligence (EQ) or Leadership
  • The Company ‘ s Performance Evaluation System
  • Prevue Assessment
  • Personality Profile
  • Interviews
  • Shadowing
  • Other
3. The Coaching Prescription or plan – Based on:
  • The objective information gathered
  • Information from the Coachee
  • A Mutual Agreement between the Coach and the Coachee
  • Other pertinent information and/or sources
4. Coaching Procedures
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Length of the initial contract period
  • Times and length of each Coaching Session
  • Shadowing and Coaching
  • Face-to-Face Vs. Telephone Coaching
  • A combination of Face-to-Face and Telephone Coaching
  • Measurements of success
Coaching involves four different areas for consideration: Four Quadrants for Coaching

Adapted from the work and lectures of Julio Olalla of the Newfield Network and from A Theory of Everything by Ken Wilber.
Most coaching begins with the behaviors of the individual and the practices and results possible (Upper right hand quadrant). Those behaviors are affected by the systems, structures, and culture of the organization or community that the individual lives in (Lower right hand quadrant).
Almost always coaching has its greater impact on the internal life of the individual – the emotions, values and intentions (Upper left hand quadrant) and the culture, background, history, and moral or social rules the individual was raised in or is in at the moment (Lower left hand quadrant).For an article on “ The Benefits of Coaching ” go to:
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